New Confirmed Sighting!

YAY!! We received another sighting yesterday!!!!!! I do get more calls then I post, and I save the best for all of you! This sighting was from 2 witnesses both seeing Andy clearly, he was sitting and observing, then turned around and headed back into the woods. This was within one of his 2 known “hot zones”, it was a little further away from the sighting last week but all in his same favorite areas… We are currently looking for his possible paths and routes from one area to the other. Also still researching possible repeat appearances, or feeding areas.

We still have feeding stations and cameras, as well as some traps, most importantly right now we need to try to encourage Andy to develop a pattern we can monitor and hopefully be able to start to anticipate his arrival! Some very special Andy volunteers have created and printed Andy info sheets for the residents currently in his hot zone areas. This explains in greater detail why it is so important to keep eyes and ears peeled, and also explains that we have CONFIRMED his presence with questions, a photo line up i.d. card, and of course with the help of the most talented team of scent trained dogs!! Also we have specially designed posters for our cars so we can be driving billboards! We have included his Facebook page on the posters because I feel it is so beneficial for local residents to be able to keep up with his story and get up to date progress reports, to keep the awareness that Andy is still there!! The neighborhood has been so very supportive and helpful and for this I am so grateful as I am completely relying upon their phone calls to be able to continue to move forward in the way that we have been.

I am sure it feels to all of you like a lifetime between sighting updates, sometimes it feels like that to me as well, but please know that sooo much team Andy work is going on between the excitement of our sighting phone calls. It is because of all this Team Andy work that I have been blessed to get as many calls as I have gotten, in fact the last 2 sightings had only been reported because of 2 very dedicated Andy supporters, they happened to be in the right places at the right times and collected info and called me to report it!

What a phenomenal group of people we have, both on the ground and online. Your help and support is something I could not go on without, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

xoxo Jordina, Michael, Hallie, Taz, and I am certain Andy is sending his love ๐Ÿ™‚


Karin TarQwyn is Headed Back to CT

Karin TarQwyn...the K9 P.I.News from: Karin TarQwyn… the K9 P.I.

Headin’ the doggies EAST!!!! After reviewing The Andy case, we have decided to come back to Connecticut to expand the search for this lovable little Corgi. Based on recent sightings and in some cases lack of sightings in certain areas, I feel it is likely that Andy is now frequenting other locations and/or has expanded his travel route. Without a more definitive location, it is difficult for the volunteer ground crew to know what areas to cover in their awareness campaigns let alone where to place traps and cameras.

We will be arriving on the East coast at the end of this week and will begin the search for Andy on Saturday. You have all been supportive of our efforts in the past and I truly appreciate it. Please hold a positive thought for us as we head your way with the goal of locating this indomitable little dog. See you all soon… I will post updates here as I learn more… Thanks… Karin, CADE, Brodie, Paco and making his first trip… new rescue… TRUMP

As It Happens | CBC Radio Canada

Great news coverage yesterday!

As It Happens | CBC Radio Canada

A couple’s dog has been missing since New Year’s Eve — so naturally, they’ve mounted more than a dozen night-vision cameras around their property, and printed up ten thousand flyers.

Andy’s Story in The New York Times Magazine

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Some Fun on Camera

Video footage from a strategically placed camera (and rotisserie chicken) on the look out for Andy.

Andy Seen Today!!!

This just in from Karin TarQwyn…the K9 P.I.
Editors Note: The exact locations have been removed to ensure Andy’s search efforts are not compromised.

k9 TrackerANDY SEEN TODAY!!!!!!!! Folks it is what we all live for… Today a student on his lunch called to say I think I saw that dog on the side of the road just 15 minutes ago. Michael, Tom and I rushed to the sighting… There was confusion on the address so we had to use CADE… the air scent dog. WE scanned the road and Cade alerted… I have Andy’s scent. We were off and running! David the student finally got back to us to tell us exaclty where on the road he saw the wandering Corgi. WE drove to the spot, got out Brodie our tracker and………….. Brodie alerted this is Andy!!! Brodie began to track down a stream and within 10 minutes came to the place where Cade had tracked to earlier. Cade had found Andy’s trail in the ethers… Brodie tracked from the very spot Andy had been seen!

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Today’s Mission: We Need A Sighting!

Today we have a very important mission! We need to get a recent sighting so that we can start Karin’s super talented dogs on a lead to get closer than ever before to our elusive little Andy! Obviously Karin and her team will have to go home eventually ( though we would all like to keep them forever ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so we have little time to work with.

We have a target area that needs coverage, flyers, talking to people in the area, etc… Anyone that has so generously offered to help in anyway is invited to email Julia and she (very generously) has offered to keep track of where we all need to go and get his cute face out there!!

Julia can be reached at:

Thank you so much, hoping for some action on the phone lines today!!