Andy Sightings


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  1. SadieCorgi says:

    Please help bring Andy home . Thank you to everyone who is looking for this precious Corgi.

    • Shannon says:

      We are new to Westport and it breaks our heart that your dog is missing. I see his picture everywhere. Not sure if this will help…but exactly one year ago our dog walker lost our puggle in the city and we thought she was gone forever. We put up over 2000 signs and we eventually found her because of an amazing couple you saw her from a distance in a parking lot. She is so friendly but was scared and would run from we eventually started asking people, who spotted her, to not try and grab her …just to watch her until we could get there…Well, we found her and I know you will find your baby. I am so sorry. This truly breaks our heart because we know what you are going through. We will continue to look and pray your dog comes home.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I just saw a video on the News 12 website about a dog running down I95 between exits 7 & 8 in Stamford. He ran down the exit 7 ramp going southbound. If you look at the video of the dog it looks like a Corgi. Hope you find him soon. I am the proud owner of 4 doggies and know how much you must miss him. Andy and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Karen says:

    Just saw this on FB. Will begin looking everyday for your Corgi – I have a Coton, and I would be desperate without her. Showing the kids Andy’s picture this afternoon — GOOD LUCK!

    • Marge says:

      Jordine, I have been reading about Andy and all the sightings. I can’t stop thinking about the little guy and want to help. I lost my male Corgi Caleb in Oct from complication of Degenerative Myolopathy and miss him terribly. I have two other Pembrokes that are six years old and a two year old female Cardigan. One of my Pembrokes Shaye absolutely loves other Corgi’s and is very gentle and sweet. Do you think Andy would be scared off by her if we spotted him or would he be more likely not to run off until you could be called. I have not read where anyone has done much searching with their dogs but I do know that Corgi’s know their kind and tend to be more receptive to come near one that shows no threat towards them. Let me know your thought on the matter. Mine love the snow and hopefully Andy does too and my be happy to see one of his kind. Shaye is a tri color so other searchers would not think I have Andy.

  4. Laurfen says:

    I have alerted my friends in the area to look for Andy. I have a Corgi named Robert that looks just like Andy. I know how much you love your dog. Andy is in my prayers. I hope he is found soon.

  5. Ellyce says:

    Just read about Andy on the Corgi Rescue group posting! Hope he comes home soon!

  6. Lauren says:

    Robert the Corgi dog and all our friends are praying for Andy’s safe return. Our friends in the area are all looking for Andy. We will not stop until he is home with his loving family.

  7. tara says:

    help this wonderful puppy return home before the snow

    • Lauren says:

      We are hoping today is the day you find Andy!! Sounds like you have a good idea of where he is. Robert and I will be thinking of Andy all day and for his safe return.

  8. Lauren says:

    Robert (my corgi) and I say a prayer for Andy’s safe return everyday. I hope tomorrow is the day!

  9. Linda says:

    There is a self storage area on Bouton Street north of where you are. He may have found a place in there to hide. It is also near the high school

  10. Don’t forget to ask children. I say this from my own ‘lost’ pet experiences. If there are schools nearby ask permission to distribute flyers to each classroom.

    I’ve had two kittens returned with the aid of school children.

    Good luck!!!!

  11. Mary Young says:


  12. Evelyn Reynolds says:

    I can hlep look Saturday if needed.

  13. aida says:

    I am wondering about the credible siteings of Andy….I live on highland our neighbor lost a sheltie mix who looks like a corgi a year ago… a rescue named Lana who was so scared she should not have been adopted out.. . we have looked and looked with groups from Ct. to N.y. with traps every weekend… She is a runner and would not come to her new owners who only knew her for 5 days… she slipped her harness and was gone… I have seen her 3 times since then late at night and in the middle of brian Mcmahon baseball field and in our driveway….. No one will ever catch her and she is still out there…I wonder if it is Lana they see…I will keep looking for both of them… but, Lana will never be trapped or come to anyone she was a very frighten animal…I to am a horse person and a dog groomer and we take care of animals all kinds…. wish you god speed to your mom…..

    • Denise says:

      Aida- they posted a video of a dog that showed up at one of the traps — it’s on their facebook page i believe…I am not sure how to share it here but this is the link to the video

      i don’t know if the dog was trapped or not… is this Lana?

      • Frtiz says:

        the dog in the video is a big dog, it looks like a Collie/Retriever mix, probably 70-80 pounds, and well-fed. Not scared at all. I suspect someone let the dog out to go to the bathroom and it was attracted to the traps by the bait.

    • Fritz says:

      Aida – I agree wholeheartedly with you that the dog they’re seeing is probably not Andy, that it’s Lana. Andy was never abused and lived as a family pet for 11 years. Even a bad fright from fireworks wouldn’t turn an older corgi into the skittish, runaway, frightened dog they describe. Andy would seek out humans, not run from them. Lana would run! The owners need to bring in a different scenthound and start fresh. Let the new dog start tracking from the house where Andy ran from a month ago. If the new dog heads in the same direction as Salsa it could validate what’s been done thusfar. However if the new dog heads north or west the searchers would know they need to re-group.

      • Liz says:

        Fritz, I work with a shelter and animal control, and believe me it doesn’t take long for a lost and scared dog to enter into survival mode – that means running *from* people, not to them…yes, even for the friendliest of dogs. Andy has been gone a month, far long enough to now make him wary of people.
        Some of the people who have sighted Andy were corgi owners themselves, and were quite capable of determining a corgi from a sheltie mix such as Lana…um, the two look quite different :).

  14. annquirk says:

    I live one mile from the beach in Westport, and see Andy’s flyers every day……and every single day and night, I look for him when I’m driving or when walking my dogs. I pray Andy finds his way to you soon.

  15. Lauren says:

    Robert and i are still hoping Andy comes home soon. It was so great hearing about Lana! Andy time to COME HOME!!! You need to meet your fan club.

  16. Linda says:

    Have there been any recent sightings??

  17. mike skinner says:

    It breaks my heart knowing that that poor dog is lost, as a corgi owner I look at my mia and can only begin to imagine how bad you feel, I will keep my eyes open for little andy and I know that he will be found.

  18. Mariane says:

    is Andy instill lost??? I am very sad and I really want to help. Please let me know….praying for Andy…

  19. Colin says:

    My friend said she saw a corgi wandering around her church’s parking lot (Church of Latter-day Saints in New Canaan, next to Waveny Park. She didn’t know about Andy and was in a hurry to get to school, so she didn’t have a chance to try and catch him. I have no idea if the little guy was Andy, but you never know. This was last Thursday morning. I would’ve posted sooner, but I didn’t know Andy had a FB page. Crossing my paws for his family 🙂

  20. Julie Anne McNary says:

    Are the sightings updated? Has it really been since 1/24? I thought there was another in February?

  21. Nickie says:

    where are the latest sightings?

  22. Jenn & Liz Gambal , Candy and Sadie says:

    We have two corgis a pem and a cardi and we would be devastated if one of them was lost – we are all praying for his safe return

  23. Kenna DeVere says:

    So where is this map? Or whatever this page was supposed to be?

    Also, The initial page does not clarify City, State, or last seen date…. Cannot network without those things popping front and center.

    Come home precious boy… Help your people find you…

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