Auction for Andy

This is a post by Noelle, the web designer who manages this website…

Hello everyone! A fundraising auction is being coordinated by some wonderful people in Andy’s Facebook community to help Jordina and Michael raise funds for their search for Andy. Jordina just found out about the auction today and is so humbled and thankful for the amazing community of people behind her search for Andy.

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Share Andy’s Website with your Friends!

Andy's QR CodeShare Andy’s new QR code with your friends and post to your Facebook pages!

You’ll need a smartphone with a free QR Code Reader. If you don’t have a reader, simply access your phone’s app marketplace and search for QR code.

To scan the code, open your QR Code Reader and point your phone at the code like you’re going to take a photo of it. Once you scan the code, it will automatically link you here to Andy’s website. You can then add the contact number to your cell (for quick access if you spot Andy!), download Andy’s poster, access his Facebook and Twitter pages, and stay up-to-date by signing up for the blog.

To save the graphic, simple right-click the image and save to your computer. It’s easy and another way to get the word out and help bring Andy home! Thanks everyone for your support 🙂

Andy’s Search Rescues Lana!


Lana loves her new blanket!

Andy has brought great people together because of his search, he has now topped it all by allowing us the opportunity to rescue LANA!! Lana has been missing and living outside all alone for nearly 2 years! When we saw Lana on video footage from cameras set up for Andy we were determined to stick with it to save her as well.

She came into one of our traps for Andy and I brought her back in my car. She immediately curled up on a blanket in the trap which is bigger than most dog crates. She is sweet and makes eye contact, seemed so content to curl up in her “crate” with water, a blanket and a couple dog treats. I am so happy we were able to make her feel safe again!

Andy come home, you are a hero and will star in your own movie, your job out there is complete!!

Thank You Volunteers…

I would like to express our gratitude and amazement at the number of Andy fan helpers we had last night. It was truly remarkable, what an unbelievable group of people we have been blessed with to help on our search for Andy.

Because of all the flyers posted, or handed out, and the organizing, and of course our stake out last night, we know Andy’s neighborhood and general schedule! It is such an amazing relief and comfort to me to know where he is currently and not always be chasing behind him by several days. Now I am concentrating on his retrieval. I will monitor his behavior and patterns to best establish locations for traps etc. Public knowledge as always is key, and continuing to make neighbors around where we have covered aware is very important to determine his pattern. It is very important that Andy feel safe there and I feel the more we search for him the less he will be comfortable, it doesn’t serve any purpose because we cannot approach him he is too scared.

I will post updates and ask for help when needed because you are all the best!! Time for Andy to come home to his family!!! Xoxoxo

Need Help Tonight in Norwalk, CT

EVERYBODY that would be available tonight we really need your help. Planning a huge stake out in the circle in which Andy has been traveling.

We are meeting at the back right corner of Brian McMahon High School on Highland St. at 4:00pm to grill lots of smelly food. Then will have a plan for all of you as to where we all need to park and wait, if you see Andy call 781-264-5243 and I will be there immediately.

It’s not a fun job sitting in a car and watching but I strongly feel this is our only hope. Thank You all so very much, if he was seen last night @ 6:30ish I want to be able to see him come out tonight! xoxo

Salsa’s Back in Town!

Dog TrackerSalsa, the amazing tracking dog from Pure Gold Pet Trackers is back in town to track Andy’s scent through his latest sighting areas.

She tracked Andy today starting at Elmwood Ave in Norwalk which I thought was the easiest starting point of all tracks since it was recent and a small street to cover. As we started a boy came out and told us he saw him yesterday and Andy ran, incidently the boy is terrified of dogs and he ran too. Salsa found the track and tracked for quite awhile, we were soaken wet and poor Salsa had already tracked over 6 miles for someone this a.m. She needed some rest! We will touch base tomorrow as we have arranged for a hotel for Salsa and her family!

Thank you all for your help, and support. Sending our love back to you, xoxo

— Jordina Ghiggeri

New Sighting in Norwalk!

Andy was sighted at 4:30pm this afternoon (Friday, January 20) in the Flax Hill Rd & West Ave area of Norwalk. View our Sightings map and click on the blue placeholders to see where and when Andy has been spotted.

Important: If you spot Andy, please do not call him or try to catch him, keep him in sight and call Jordina Ghiggeri immediately at (781) 264-5243.