If you have seen Andy or have any information that might be helpful in finding him, please contact:

Jordina Ghiggeri
cell: 781-264-5243


36 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Tricia says:

    I lived in Fairfield for awhile. My heart aches for you. I;m sure you have tried it all — but a couple suggestions. Can you spin his story to make it interesting enough forthe local news to pick it up as a human interest story? One of our horses go out and she was preparing to be a therapy horse and the local news ran a story. You have to make the story really interesting though — a little corgi “spin” might be needed 🙂 Also – have you talked with teh Westport Hunt Club? Horse people are corgi people and they have a huge membership an lots of teenagers who may be willing to hit the road looking for him. Just a couple thoughts. Know that Andy is an the prayers and hearts of many across the country and world!

    • deanna Remi says:

      my ❤ aches for u. i have a 13yr old female boxer & a 5yr old female pit. i dont have kids but lets just say i dont need to becuz these girls r my babies. if anything were 2 happen 2 them i duno what id do. I live in the new haven/east haven/branford area & will facebook my friends who live in the area w/the info & we will keep our eyes peeled… im sure u have already done this, but keep calling & Faxing Andys poster/pix 2 all of the shelters & animal hosp. across the state & check the new haven register & other local papers such as East Haven Courier etc & the websites & Keep up the efforts!!! Myself & whoever i can contact will try our best in our area!! We vow 2 keep our eyes peeled, ears open & keep up the effort in our area. as a sidenote, have you spoken with fidelco? i know they are not necessarily search & rescue dogs but they are service dogs… maybe after Karins team goes home, they can help… BRING ANDY HOME!!!!!

  2. Ash says:

    I am so saddened to hear your story about Andy. I live in Ridgefield, not terribly far from Westport. Do you have search parties going? Can I help? I would love to help look for him. I have had corgis my whole life and would be devastated if my Lily got away. Please email me if I can help. Good luck, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Andy!

  3. theresa says:

    I sent this to my daughter at Fairfield University which is right by your last sighting. The kids are back today from winter break. Hopefully, one of them will find him.

  4. Kathy says:

    I had a dog that was part corgi and he had a very cute face similar to Andy’s. I have an idea – I think your should approach every cell phone carrier; Verizon, AT&T, Nokia, Sprint…and ask them to send out an email alert re: Andy. It would be a huge good will marketing ploy for the company(ies) – especially if it resulted in the safe return of Andy. I
    know the police have a reverse 911 but probably would not use it for this situation.
    And yes, you should definitely reach out to every news organization in CT, Mass and NY just in case the person that picked him up was driving through our area – if he was picked up. Good Luck – I will keep my eyes open for him.

  5. Winnie says:

    I would contact Scot Haney of WFSB. He is an animal advocate and no doubt would shine a spotlight on Andy for the public. Wish I could help but I’m in Litchfield County. Good luck, and feel encouraged that the tracking dog found his scent, and that he appears to have been picked up by an animal lover. I’m sure they’re looking for his owner.

  6. tucker of fairfield says:

    just a thought: maybe contact all vets in the tri statre area…if Andy’s been ‘picked up,’ he’s gotta go to a vet sometime?right? well, maybe. just an idea. You are really doing everything humanly possible!!!!

  7. tucker of fairfield says:

    what about grocery stores…someone buying dog food?

  8. Taylor Johnson says:

    Hi, I’m following your story all the way out here in Seattle. I wish there was something I can do to help you bring your Andy back home. The one thing I can do is pray and pray I will. I hope for now he is warm and safe and will soon be back where he belongs. I have never seen a dog more loved than Andy.

  9. Alexa says:

    I’ll second the Scot Haney idea! He’s always wonderful for local PR!

  10. Alli & Gracie the cat says:

    This story about Andy is heartbreaking. To anyone who is reading this post please,
    no matter where you live, keep your eyes open for little Andy! if he has been “picked up”
    he could be anywhere, in any town, possibly even YOUR town so please lets all come together
    to help Andy get home to his family by keeping our eyes open!
    and also the power of prayer is an amazing thing. This little guy needs our prayers so
    please take a moment to say a prayer for him to find his way back to his family who
    clearly love him and miss him terribly. I’ve written a little prayer for Andy – after you read it
    you will have said your little prayer for him! Go home little Andy, go home!!

    Dear Lord,
    Please hear my prayer.
    A little Corgi dog named Andy has lost his way.
    His family loves him and misses him very much.
    Please keep him safe and guide him safely
    home to his family.
    Thank you lord.

  11. Liz S. says:

    Please know that it is possible that your dog may try to go home. Dogs have been known to travel 100’s of miles and do get home. Please contact someone who may be at your home to be on the lookout. This is a possibility. Also. do not give up. Keep looking and pray. You will find him. Liz/+

  12. Hello! I contacted friends in CT TO POST AND LOOK, AS WELL AS MY TWULITTET AND FB. HAD SIMILAR SITUATION..SET B MICROXHIPPED WEEK AFTER HE GOT SPOOKED TOO …dear lord..please know this wonderful lady lovea her boy as nuch aa a son just gow love ny beloved boxer now..boys.abd wiuld kke u, stop everything! To keep searching. I read he was picked up? Xall all vets..nsend picture..same shelters..w al his info…post ecerywhere….try the automated msg..helps. ocer your precious angel, andt..and know if i read correctly..he picked up..he is warm, fed and less scared….although still sad cuz yr xreature created by you lord, NEDS HIS MOM!!! I AM SURE WHO PICKED HIM UP..HAS BEAT INTENTIONS..AND W ALL MEDIA..WILL KNOW WHERE HE WANTS TO GO……..SORRY FOR COMMENT TYPOS..REPEATS..WAY COMMENT LAID OUT…I LICE ANDY AND TREAT MY BOYA .THERE IS A CALLING PROGRAL LOSTNYDOGGIE COM OR DG ON SATELINE..LEAVES AUTOMATED LOST PEY ALERT ie 500 gomes for 100.00 and u xan do nuch more. aaPLEASE KEEP FAITH..He IS LOKIBG 4 U TOO

    • I cant have kids..thus my beloved. Now boxer boys my sons. LABBIE BOYS over rainbow bridge. Please lk into lost pet alert to 1000+ homes…if you choose..a great addition to wealth od tools already implemented. God, if andy was pucked up, please please ket this person…people. see all media abd know where Abdt neds to be!fax all vets..area and beyond..or email theamazing videos to businessess too bear sighting..shelters vets mant police dept ri pur in theur log email grocery stores gas stations.. you necmver no place off limits.

      Please update when u can. 610 751 0560
      love and lucks and genuine geartfelt caring and prayets to tmyou andt and akl..from all of us!!!!

  13. Melissa says:

    Please let me know if i can be of assistance in helping find Andy. I will come to fairfeild and help you any day before one pm. I have experience in tracking dogs (trust me) when my friends husky stayed with us and managed to bolt out the door in the blink of an eye many times. Found him every time and brought him home:)

  14. What were the results of day after group search…when andy spotted w a hamburger…but w all commotion, mom goin back next day, now that very
    narrowed down His vicinity? THANK YOU!!

    is vicinitu? THZMK U!!

  15. Luana Gallo says:

    I hope you get this…but this may be a silly question and suggestion coming now…and I am sure it is already in place but wanted to toss this out there…Do you know if Mom and Dad placed an article of clothing of theirs in the traps? An item that has been worn by them? This may give Andy comfort in knowing they are close by…

    Did an hour of yoga medication at home in Alaska with my corgi, Pippin…and visualizing Andy’s safe return soon…

    Namaste ~

    Luana and Pippin

  16. Yes i sent comment about shirt
    Even sweaty 4 scent
    And also outside moms house too. And take shephard sibling along…
    XOxo jules, Mac&!Henry

  17. T. G. says:

    Liza Clancy What about bating the traps not just with food, but with his Mom’s clothing. She could wear t-shirts everyday and leave one with each trap or along a path you think he will take. He could smell her scent and feel safe, or he even might wait in that spot until she comes back.

  18. HopingForAndy says:

    We’ve seen the posters surrounding every part of our daily lives. I’ve wondered how the search go.

    This is probably the craziest long shot, but have you thought of talking to a seer/medium?

    On several horrible points of my life, I was reduced to such means, just to keep my anxiety from getting the best of me.

    There’s a lady by the name of Penelope. I know this doesn’t carry much clout, but she was listed in New York Mag as one of the best readers. She’s located a large sum of Missinf monies for me. I know that’s not a pet, but she’s very very good and would probably work free if she one’s your situation. Her name is Penelope and her e-mail is Put in the subject line: The Guy Who Gave You The Finger: Daughter-In-Law says you can help me. She’ll know who I am and that you’re in legitimate need. I will keep looking at your post for updates and check in with Penelope today to alert her of your situation.

    Best to you and Andy, he’s out there and he’ll get home to you!!!

    • HopingForAndy says:

      Sorry for the horrific grammar. I’m on an iPhone and under the weather. Can’t see the little keys too well.

      Much love and luck!

  19. cheryl cincotta says:

    You need to call up this animal psychic…there is a fee but she is the real thing and known to bring back lost pets. Call her up as soon as possible. I pray you find Andy.

    Hilary Renaisance

    • Ashley Jackson says:

      Cheryl, my toy poodle was stole May 6th (a day before my birthday). I’m looking into using Hilary services. Could you please contact me I have some questions 469-867-4022

  20. susan says:

    have you tried fidofinder on the internet? I travel around a lot in lower Fairfield County, and I am always on the lookout for Andy. I hope so much for you that he is found soon.

  21. Claire says:

    I would also recommend contacting Scot Haney of WFSB, and he also has the morning show Better Connecticut.
    Also, try contacting WPKN radio. They have thousands of listeners in your target area and beyond. And other radio stations, ask if they could run a spot during commuter hours, when people are out on the road.

  22. joshlerner says:

    I re-posted this on my blog, hopefully someone can find him!

  23. Marilyn Lenkowsky says:

    Have you tried an animal communicator? We had a similar story to yours last year and used Hillary Renaissance in Seattle (she has a website). She’s very skilled at locating lost animals and is a lovely person.

  24. Lynne says:

    Have you gone on to Craigslist in and around your area. They have a lost/found section. There are many pets listed in my area (Philadelphia) that have been found in recent weeks. Just a suggestion. We are praying for his safe return!

  25. Deborah says:

    ROUTE 123 in Norwalk, near the cemetary, I witnessed Andy, as he watched two Pit Bulls who seemed friendly running and playing, Andy however, was watching from the sidelines, he looked healthy and fed, and not as if he was lost at all. It almost appeared he knew the other dogs, someone might had called the dog warden but not sure, they were more fearful for the pit bulls that were stopping traffic..Andy was not too visable, but right there! I wish I had seen this post sooner! My best, I’m printing the poster out, hopefully he makes an appearance again soon! If I see Andy again, I will be sure to snap a photo and record where he’s heading, but know he is in the Broad River area as of June 9th..Best of luck, I know this is terribly painful!

  26. Lilly says:

    Hi! This is Lilly and one of your biggest fans who says the prayers on Facebook! I am so worried about you and your family and ESP Andy! Has anyone seen or heard anything since hurricane Sandy? Please let us all know his friends from far far away are very very concerned!! Just know we love you and ESP Andy!! Dear Heavenly Father please keep Andy safe and sound thru this terrible ordeal! Please get him and his family together and soon so we all can know they are together and safe! In your name Amen

  27. Lilly says:

    Just wondering if Andy has been sighted or anything happening at all please let me or us know please!!

  28. Lilly says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you ever so much for sending a signal to Andy’s family and all of us that he is alive and well and might be searching for home! Please, Please lead him to his awaiting family and new home before your beloved birthday as a gift to his family! They need him home soo much and it’s time to complete this family once again! Please Lord we love you and know you work miracles and we pray this will be one!! In your Holy name…Amen.

  29. nécessaire says:

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  30. Susan Butler says:

    We are desperately searching for a lost Sheltie. His page is Help Scotty Home. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. He is a tri-color, 18″ tall at the shoulder and 47 pounds. He was hit on Friday evening and is limping behind. No sightings since Monday evening on Worthington Drive near rt.100 in Exton, Pa. Thank you. My number is: 610-220-2723. My name is Susan Butler.

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