Andy Sighting by Michael!

from Andy’s Facebook page…

Great omen this morning….I (Michael) was driving this morning and saw Andy between 2 houses. He saw my truck driving down the road and took off. I saw him turn around and head behind the house. By the time I stopped and got out of the truck and went around the house, he was gone. This puts him in his pattern….. not long now!


3 Comments on “Andy Sighting by Michael!”

  1. Paul Jarboe says:

    Where was this? Just curious because I’ve been patrolling Grumman Ave for weeks now. Paul 52 Grumman Ave.

    • (from the website editor…)
      Hi Paul – Not sure, I’m guessing the exact location is being kept private. Of course there is a ground crew that investigates each sighting which includes Michael and Jordina. Thanks for keeping an eye out in your area! If you see him, please call Jordina immediately at 781-264-5243.

  2. Bette says:

    Since Andy disappeared so quicky, could he be hiding under a porch of one of the houses or in a garage, etc? So happy Michael got to see him!!!

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