Andy Seen Today!!!

This just in from Karin TarQwyn…the K9 P.I.
Editors Note: The exact locations have been removed to ensure Andy’s search efforts are not compromised.

k9 TrackerANDY SEEN TODAY!!!!!!!! Folks it is what we all live for… Today a student on his lunch called to say I think I saw that dog on the side of the road just 15 minutes ago. Michael, Tom and I rushed to the sighting… There was confusion on the address so we had to use CADE… the air scent dog. WE scanned the road and Cade alerted… I have Andy’s scent. We were off and running! David the student finally got back to us to tell us exaclty where on the road he saw the wandering Corgi. WE drove to the spot, got out Brodie our tracker and………….. Brodie alerted this is Andy!!! Brodie began to track down a stream and within 10 minutes came to the place where Cade had tracked to earlier. Cade had found Andy’s trail in the ethers… Brodie tracked from the very spot Andy had been seen!

k9 Tracking Dog BrodieWe continued with Brodie until we ran into more of the numerous obstacles, fences and loose dogs. We drove further up the stream and Nash got out of the truck, picked up Andy’s scent and ran hell bent for leather back to the stream. We let the rookie rest and brought back the big guy… Cade picked up Andy’s scent and ran! Cade was so excited that Michael and I had to keep switching back and forth to try and keep up with him. A 90 pound dog as strong as Cade is tough to follow behind when he is charging through the woods at break neck speed. After a mile or so the trail began to wind around and we found ourselves staring at the Merritt Parkway. Cade charged on and continued to track like a maniac down the marsh and trail below the parkway. Finally… it was getting dark and Michael and I could no longer keep up… so much to Cade’s chagrin… we had to stop.

SPECIAL shout out to They donated a huge alert once we got the confirmation that Andy was seen. Go over to their Facebook page and tell them THANKS on Andy’s behalf…. It takes a village to find a roaming dog and in Andy’s case… we have received help well beyond that. Julia, Tom, Suzanne and of course Michael… what a great ground team. TEAM ANDY and all of you out there on FaceBook… take a bow. Andy would not be this close to home if not for all of you…


10 Comments on “Andy Seen Today!!!”

  1. Ann Flynn says:

    come on Andy….Jordina and Michael are anxious to give you gigantic hugs….please help them out… are so wonderfully loved by all.

  2. Annelizabeth Pullman says:

    Praise God and all the talent and hard work of you all! I can wait for the words” Andy is found and safe”… Tears of joy will be gushing!

  3. Carrie says:

    Now I know why I have been feeling so antsy all day!! I am positive that tomorrow is the day…I am praying for you all and can’t wait for the coming home party!!

  4. Holding my breath and holding back the tears.PLEASE Please Andy boy its time to come home XOXO

  5. Winnie says:

    Oh, that’s great news! You must be feeling so optimistic. Any day now…

  6. Taylor says:

    Yay! Prayers being sent your way double from NC.

  7. Orefice-ruggles says:

    I wish I could get a better read on the map. I would gladly post some more flyers in that exact location.

  8. Pam Mahony says:

    Shivers down my spine at the thought that his scent is fresh and you are getting closer.


  9. Kim Kopca says:

    Please Please Please Andy stop where you and go to the trackers. We all want you home safe and sound. You are so close. I am on pins and needles waiting for the good news that you have found him.

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