Our Tracking Team is in CT!

Karin TarQwyn...the K9 P.I.Private Investigator and Missing Dog Expert Karin TarQwyn and her amazing team of tracking dogs have arrived in Connecticut and started the search for Andy today.

Following are the updates she posted throughout the day on Andy’s Facebook page. Go Karin!!!


We began our work today at the place where Andy escaped. This beginning gives us a baseline as well as a feel for what happened that night. Andy ran north across the fields and up to the church and across the parking lot. He then turned onto the road and began traveling to the Southeast. It is likely that he was still in a bolt and run mode at the point where we pulled Cade our lead dog up and returned so we would could begin checking sightings.

WE proceeded the two most recent sightings using Brodie and the three other tracking dogs. All the dogs said the same thing… they could not detect Andy’s scent at the Wilton Rd./33 sighting or at the Pink Cloud sighting. These sightings were other dogs… not Andy.

DISCOVERY!!! On two separate occasions, the camera picked up what looked like a corgi rear end and then also corgi ears. WE proceeded to those locations and lo and behold… Cade picked up Andy’s scent at the first location and Brodie and Cade picked his scent up at the second location… So…. the Corgi butt and corgi ears… belonged to Andy!!!! Onward and upward… we began to track.

WE tracked through briars and creeks, down streets and apartment buildings, from dumpster to dumpster and back into the woods. WE tracked the elusive little corgi for over 2 miles ending our day in a wooded area with arbitrary fencing and obstacles that was difficult for both humans and tracking dogs to get around. Together we worked over 7 hours today and learned how Andy is traveling. It is likely he is moving at night and then using the cover of woods and open spaces to get from one place to another. We learned alot today but it is likely that we are still at least a week behind Andy. Based on our work today, it is possible that he has been in some areas more than once but over all… this is not his pattern. He continues to move from place to place… not staying anywhere for very long.

Tomorrow… due to the density of the woods and the close proximity of one wooded area to another, we will have to begin where we left off today. AS we will now be just tracking, unless we get a sighting 🙂 , we should be able to move faster. My thanks to Suzanne, Tom, Julia and Michael for each taking on responsibilities so we could keep tracking while keeping the tracking dogs, PACO and humans safe. Tomorrow… its back to the woods…


2 Comments on “Our Tracking Team is in CT!”

  1. Bette says:

    Wow! So much accomplished in just one day! Amazing work Karin, K-9 tracking team, and Andy’s team!! I just know you will catch up to Andy and get him home where he belongs. I feel he is trying so hard to find his mom and family too!

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