Auction Results!

Thank you all so much for making this auction a HUGE success!! We raised $7,492.00!!

For the people who won items (see Winners List below) in the Auction for Andy, here is how to make your payment and receive your item(s).

Click the red Donate heart at the top of this website or visit Andy’s Facebook page, on the left there is a link called “Donate with PayPal”.

That will take you to Paypal where you can make your payment using your Paypal account, a credit card, or bank account. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this feature.

Once you have made your payment and you receive your email receipt, please forward the receipt in an email to with your full name and mailing address for the item(s) to be sent to, along with what you won. If you purchased item(s) to be sent to someone else, please include their name and address and any information that should go along with it.

We will provide your information to the donors, including your email address, and from there, if there are questions or additional information needed, you will both be able to communicate directly with each other.

Bidders, please make your payments promptly and donors kindly send your items out as soon as you have confirmation. The sooner that we can collect all of the money, the sooner we can help Michael and Jordina bring Andy home.

Kindest regards,
Deb, Noelle, Truman and Mary

Winner List

Etched Dog Tags: Dotti Mae $55
Etched Dog Tags: Lori Najdzin $60
Etched Dog Tags: Lori Najdzin $60
$500 Dovecote GC: Amy Myers O’Brien $375
$500 Dovecote GC: Brenda Schait $400
FlexicosePlus: Brooke Browne $40
FlexicosePlus: Stephanie Makar $50
Custom Blanket: Annelizabeth Pullman $90
Custom Blanket: Lori Najdzin $85
Mr. Bill Toy: Lori Najdzin $35
Mr. Bill Toy: Nadine Ritt $40
Greeting Cards: Tara Matthews $30
Greeting Cards: Trixie Pembroke $40
Thundershirt: Kris Ebner Martin $90
Thundershirt: Elizabeth Jeude Simpson $92
Sticky Note Pads: Fred Lily Maudlin $25
Sticky Note Pads: Kristi Hatley Mathews $30
Zeppa Coasters: Susan Cline $30
Lee English Coasters: Judi Lundberg $70
$25 Gift Card for Chili’s: Lori Najdzin $40
$25 Gift Certificate for Cafepress: Kathy Jarvis Moore $43
$25 Gift Certificate for Petsmart: Lori Najdzin $70
$100 Gift Card for Petsmart: Lori Najdzin $135
Little Dog Lost: Dotti Mae $56
2012 Cool2bCorgi Calendar: Judi Lundberg $40
Commissioned Poem: Karen Kable $67
Address and telephone book: Sharon McGuire $35
Welsh slate: Bentley Hinkle $110
Sally’s trip to the vet… Book: Jennifer Gallini Petrosinelli $35
Ceramic Hanging Tile: Elizabeth Jeude Simpson $75
Ceramic Tile and Food: Caryl Bahner-Guhin $57
Fetch Life Goodies: Kim Spargur $80
“Coming Home” Painting: Dawn Lee Nolder Dutra $325
Cookie Cutter: Roxanne Ortman $100
Cookie Cutter: Jay Gerbis $100
Gift Paper/Bags: Lori Najdzin $35
Key Cover: Mary Ullmer $38
Corgi Planter: Nicole Moon $75
Your Choice Corgi T Shirt: Susan Mooring $50
Corgi Watercolor Print: Marge Kuhl $45
“Corgiville Christmas”: Jo Ann Raguseo $70
“Corgiville Fair” Book: Lori Najdzin $50
“Corgiville Fair” Book: Jennifer Quail $50
Pet Collar Tag: Bette J. Pirie $50
Danbury Plate: Frank Sergiovanni $75
Sara England Print: Caryl Bahner-Guhin $115
Dog Lovers Companion Book: Kay Singer Cox $31
Dooney and Bourke Leather Florentine Satchel: Dick Fish $450
A Dog’s Purpose – CD: Carrie Smalley $20
Green Dog Goodies: Elizabeth Long Richards $25
Energy Paws Charm: Sharon McGuire $50
Equine Pattern Practice Kit: Kirsten Farris $40
Green Dog Pet Accessories: Elizabeth Jeude Simpson $80
Paula Zen Corgi Sketch 1995: Hallie Kilbourne $143
Paula Zen Corgi Sketch 1998: Kristen Lynch $120
Print of “Skedaddle”: Bentley Hinkle $125
Fridge Magnet: Elizabeth Jeude Simpson $50
Furminator: Joyce Joiner $70
Gentle Leader head collar, Train-me training rewards and a leather leash: Caitlin Ernst $35
Giraffe Print stuffy bone and Man’s best friend bookmark: Princess Corgi Zentner $35
Glass Fused Pembroke Pendant: Francisca Del Valle $65
Integrity Italian wool show horse cooler: Jay McKillop $100
Two hand-painted wine, pilsner, or coffee mugs: BonBon Banks $225
Two hand-painted wine, pilsner, or coffee mugs: Greta Avery $250
Print called “Hippo in the Park”: Dotti Mae $130
Horse show hair bows: Greta Avery $25
iPhone 3G Case: Lynn Nolan $25
22″ Leather collar: Caryl Bahner-Guhin $50
Magic Marker Florescent Collar Marker: Deirdre Catani $25
2.25” Magnet button: Shirley Cohen $25
Luxurious Martha Stewart dog bed, treats and toys package: Sharon McGuire $75
Navy blue shaving (Dopp) kit: Sue Church $60
Needlepoint Pembroke Change Purse: Hallie Kilbourne $53
Paperback version of “Inside of a Dog”: Marge Kuhl $45
Wooden Photo frame 4” X 6”: Colleen Gibley-Reed $50
New XL Adult Cream Coloured T Shirt Blue Merle: Stickylickyvicky Thecorgi $30
One round of golf for two players plus a cart, at the Ridgefield Golf Course: Elizabeth King Doyle $125
Swarovski Crystal English spur straps: Cheryl Gutierrez $59
Tasha Tudor Note Card Packs & Magnets: Jeanie Campbell $45
Tasha Tudor Note Card Packs & Magnets: Jo Ann Raguseo $40
Acrylic Painting Tri: Frigid Shootingstar $70
Silver picture frame: Dawn Lee Nolder Dutra $22
Ron Hevener Ceramic Corgi with Ball: Cyndi Rabey $68
Ron Hevener Ceramic Rollicking Corgi: Hallie Kilbourne $73
Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Car Harness: Marge Kuhl $45
Zeppa  8 note cards: Suzanne Miller $35
Busy Buddy Toy/treat set: Kathryn Lynn Kokiko $62
Leopard stuffy and dog breed sticky note pads: Sharon McGuire $25
Breyer plastic Corgi figure: Barney Boots $25
Two hours of golf instruction: Mary Surette $110
BISSELL 2-In-1 Cordless Upright Vacuum: Kris Ebner Martin $100
Ceramic Corgi bowl: Susan Julian Gates $65
Full hair service, including haircut, highlights and glaze: Marissa Foley $110
Corgi Pals Hat: Barbara Bronczyk $68
Corgi Pals Hat: Kristi Hatley Matthews $70
Book – “A Dog’s Purpose”: Adrienne Tippy $50
2 Horse/rider training sessions at Harkaway Farm: Currently no bidder – may be purchased after the auction.


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  1. The love of Animals 🙂

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