Share Andy’s Website with your Friends!

Andy's QR CodeShare Andy’s new QR code with your friends and post to your Facebook pages!

You’ll need a smartphone with a free QR Code Reader. If you don’t have a reader, simply access your phone’s app marketplace and search for QR code.

To scan the code, open your QR Code Reader and point your phone at the code like you’re going to take a photo of it. Once you scan the code, it will automatically link you here to Andy’s website. You can then add the contact number to your cell (for quick access if you spot Andy!), download Andy’s poster, access his Facebook and Twitter pages, and stay up-to-date by signing up for the blog.

To save the graphic, simple right-click the image and save to your computer. It’s easy and another way to get the word out and help bring Andy home! Thanks everyone for your support 🙂


7 Comments on “Share Andy’s Website with your Friends!”

  1. Im not getting updates are u posting under specific link? I get emails but only go to his main website. Thank u. Im fillowing on Anywhere offered. Just want ensure have correct 1! Jules

  2. Thank you! You will b home soon!

  3. Woofs Up ! The Ramz is going to Bark Out Loud Corgi Alert Bring Andy home !

  4. Marnie says:

    I heard there may be a fundraiser auction for Andy. Is there an email address where I can send details on a potential auction item I’d like to donate?


    bent barrow at gmail dot com

    • Hi Marnie,

      Yes, there will be a fundraiser auction for Andy hosted by the wonderful community of people that have been following and helping in our search for Andy. There will be more details posted on this website later today. In the meantime, you can send an email with the details of your potential auction item to andycorgiauction at Thank you for your support!

  5. the snows says:

    We have a five year old female corgi in northern wisconsin. She will stay at home most of the time however we are careful with her as she has left to visit the neighbors for days (they have three female dogs of a different breed). We for the most part treat her like a queen. We work all day with kids in school so she is in the house along with a cat for eight to ten hours. When she goes out we always take her for a long walk because she only poops away from the housunless we are snowed in. She is extremely loyal and happy on our walks. She will stay near home for months as she has lots of land, her own doghouse, and plenty of food and love. Then for no reason she will go and live under the neighbors deck for days and bite anyone who tries to get her out. I am pretty sure this behavior is caused by the desire to be around other dogs but am not sure because the slightest loud noise in the house could set her running. A holler not directed at her or a gun shot or a firecracker. Not always but sometimes she decides its time to go and will not come back until she decides. This process can be influenced by the neighbors which can be a bone of contention. We love Molly and are on the list for a new corgi next spring. I believe they can be loyal dogs however if someone offers them a sweeter deal I would question that loyaly. Because of their small legs and porky body it unlikely that an eleven year old corgi would cover too much distance before being taken in, killed by a predator or died of natural causes. I wish you all the best. Proud but wary Corgi owners. The Snows

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