Need Help Tonight in Norwalk, CT

EVERYBODY that would be available tonight we really need your help. Planning a huge stake out in the circle in which Andy has been traveling.

We are meeting at the back right corner of Brian McMahon High School on Highland St. at 4:00pm to grill lots of smelly food. Then will have a plan for all of you as to where we all need to park and wait, if you see Andy call 781-264-5243 and I will be there immediately.

It’s not a fun job sitting in a car and watching but I strongly feel this is our only hope. Thank You all so very much, if he was seen last night @ 6:30ish I want to be able to see him come out tonight! xoxo


4 Comments on “Need Help Tonight in Norwalk, CT”

  1. Diane Maniscalco says:

    I am praying your find your boy tonight and have a wonderful reunion. I wish I could come help you.

  2. Bette says:

    Good luck Jordina! Here are some tips I found for capturing a lost dog:

    Turn away, don’t make eye contact, sit down on the ground, and if you have a hound with you, give some treats to him: there is nothing that will make a hungry dog more curious, than watching another dog eat.

    If he approaches you, stay on the ground, avoid eye contact and toss treats in his direction; gain his trust through his food motivation.

    Lick your lips, and yawn, a lot. These are “calming signals”. Have a looped leash handy in case he approaches close enough.

    If he won’t approach anyone, and is fond of his crate, bring the crate to the location and set it up. Put his food in the crate and feed him there. Get him used to eating like he did at home.

    If he likes riding in the car, leave the car door open overnight: you may have a surprise waiting for you in the morning. • Leave his own bedding in places where he’s been sighted, near a bowl of food.

    He may connect the bedding and food with home, and stay close to the area. If possible, set up his feeding station in a fenced area with a gate.

    Closing a gate behind a hound is a lot easier than trying to get him to come to you.


  3. marybeth stark says:

    sorry just saw this now at 9 pm. If you don’t find him tonight, I am off all day tomorrow through Sat. I am in Orange CT but will come down to Norwalk. Please email me at

  4. Michele says:

    My friend mentioned aking if Andy had a dog friend that could walk the area today. Just a thought. My son and I did the Devils Garden area last night….Everyone cares…Good luck.

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