Looking for Print Ad Sponsors ASAP!

We are placing a large 1/2 page color print ad (10.625″ x 10″) in the Westport News, Fairfield Citizen, and Norwalk Citizen newspapers this Friday, 1/20. The ad will also run on the newspaper websites and the CT Post website. The online ad will run for 90,000 impressions. We are asking for your support by selling ad space which will feature your business logo and website at the bottom of the ad. The logo space is approx. 1.9″ x 1.2″. The cost is $250 and there are 5 spaces available.

Deadline for ad requests is tomorrow, Thursday at 12pm ET. If you’re interested in sponsoring the ad, please call Jordina Ghiggeri at 781-264-5243. We will need a high-res file of your logo and website address.

Thanks everyone! We truly appreciate your support in helping us find Andy!

Andy's Newspaper Ad

click to enlarge


One Comment on “Looking for Print Ad Sponsors ASAP!”

  1. Thank you for your support and donations!! The spaces on Andy’s Friday newspaper ads are full, but we will keep a waiting list in the event we decide to run in other newspapers or similar opportunities and would need business sponsorship again. Thank you so much, Andy’s beautiful face will be in a lot of homes thanks to all of you!!!

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