News 12 CT Coverage on Andy Today at 5pm!

Latest News from Jordina Ghiggeri…

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but the dog from the t.v. footage was in fact a shepherd and thankfully has been returned to his home. Sadly it was not Andy, but we are happy that dog is safe.

I have been busy doing an interview with Kathryn Hauser of News 12 all a.m. Please visit her site and News 12, they are doing a follow up story on Andy. They are the best!!!

The story will air tonight during the 5:00pm ET News 12 CT newscast. Please tune in and tell everyone you know to watch!

Thank you all!!

— Jordina Ghiggeri


4 Comments on “News 12 CT Coverage on Andy Today at 5pm!”

  1. can you send me the link:) I am not sure were to look I dont live in your state I would like to put it on my blog as well:)

  2. Tess says:

    GOOD LUCK JORDINA!!!! I know you will find Andy soon!! We miss you and Andy and hope you both come back soon!!!


  3. vanessa carey says:

    Jord! I love you and know you will find him soon! I wish I was there to give you a huge hug! Send all my positive energy and love your way!
    Ness xoxo

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