Dog Tracker Update

Attention! A fabulous dog tracked Andy for 6.7 miles from his last sighting Sat at 9 a.m. at Winslow dog Park in Westport. The track ended abruptly on a small street and the trackers expert opinion is that he was picked up and driven off. No signs of any injury, however we have contacted all vets in the area and beyond to be sure. This dog who is trained to follow cold tracks of up to a month was especially excited following Andy’s trail because it was so fresh. Please alert everyone you know, and post a lot of flyers in Westport, he could be with anyone, we can’t limit the flyer area to that specific street as he could be in anyone’s house or picked up by someone working in that area!!! Thank you!!

Tracking Dog

Tracking Dog

Dog Tracker

Dog Tracker following a scent

Dog Tracker

Dog Tracker from Boston


4 Comments on “Dog Tracker Update”

  1. paul tolentino says:

    are there any searches planed..when and where

    • There are no official group searches planned as the dog tracker believes Andy was picked up and driven off. The best thing we can do is put up posters and spread the word through friends, family, Facebook, etc. and hope that whoever might have picked him up finds out he is missing and returns him to his loving family.

  2. ScootsNZ says:

    I’m praying and hoping that Andy finds his way back to your loving arms soon.
    Best wishes from New Zealand

  3. Todd Tansky says:

    Hi, This is Tood and Charlene from raleigh nc. We spoke this eve on the phone. I am sure he will be found soon, We are willing him into your arms thru mental telepathy right now with our two Corgis on our lap haha. Let us kno if we can help in any way. Good Luck, Todd and Charlene Tansky

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