Dog Tracker Coming Tomorrow!

Latest News from the Bring Andy Home Facebook page…

Spoke to a wonderful dog tracker, she is in Boston and will be able to come tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: She says 90% of recovered dogs are found because of good posting of flyers!! DO NOT CALL ANDY when searching!! He is afraid and anything will startle him away from a potential safe zone that we could have him come back to.

Flyers are our best bet so we can get another sighting! Especially because we have a dog coming tomorrow!

Thank you all!!

— Jordina Ghiggeri


One Comment on “Dog Tracker Coming Tomorrow!”

  1. Maria Cromer says:

    Did the tracker think it looked promising that he/she could find Andy? If I lived closer (SC) I would be there to help you all look. I am praying for his safe and eventual return. I love my Penny and couldn’t imagine her being missing. Love and hugs to Andy and his family.

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