Please Come Home Andy…

A video montage dedicated to Andy. Hang in there buddy…there’s lots of people looking for you, most of all your Mom and Dad! Please share this video and let’s help bring Andy home!



5 Comments on “Please Come Home Andy…”

  1. sara says:

    I live in Ohio, which isn’t much help. But I AM a graphic designer and can design more fliers if you’d like. I hope you go to the news media, gather donations and possibly put up a billboard. Much luck. Sara

    • Thanks for the offer. We have a website and graphic designer that is helping but will reach out should we need any additional assistance. We are planning to put up a donations page so stay tuned. You can follow the Blog (see link on the sidebar) to receive updates to the site.

  2. Liz Noble says:

    I signed up and get DAILY emails from Home Again.(the Pet Microchip company) They have it set up so that people ONLY get alerts about lost pets in the towns where they live, work, travel. I run a pet sitting biz (Noble Pet Care Sevices) in both NY and CT, so I am driving through Fairfield, Westchester, Litchfield, Putnam and Dutchess counties, so I plugged in ALL those county, town names or zip codes….AND YOU can upload your poster for anybody that subscribes can SEE it and PRINT it ON the spot,to post everywhere!
    PS HOME AGAIN DOES do this as a public service for animals that DON”T even have their microchips….. (I’ll bet MANY that are found using it then BUY the chip though! It was THE BEST $135 I ever spent on my rescue dog, Libby. (a Chihauhau X Pug from DAWS in danbury through (satos are feral dogs from Puerto Rico) Even 12 years later.
    Despite her OVER attachment to me, SHe RUNS from ANYTHING that sounds like the airplane she traveled on….car washes, back u beepers..etc. The chip has brought her home to to FAST TWICE, (once when she bolted from my truck at a rest area in Newark NJ along i95!)
    ALSO I will contact Mary Elizabeth Simpson. She owns Joyful Canine Training in Stamford
    She breeds and shows PW her farm and teaches obedience and agility AND has horses! She is hearing impaired so email. FB or IM is the easiest way to communicate. If somebody tried to sell him maybe she’d spot him??
    I NEED to help.I I am BORED silly, as I am recovering from surgery and can’t drive as far as Westport BUT I can help network for sure!!! I have MANY contacts in the “pet industry” near you and was a vet tech as well.

    PS This is FATE….ANDY is also the name of My grandfather, brother, nephew, first boyfriend AND one of the worlds BEST ponies “AN Officer and A Gentleman” AKA “ANDY”!

  3. Liz Noble says:

    PS YOU can call any time 24/7 my husband is away for 2 weeks and my pet sit clients occasionally call at “off’ hours with emergencies or last minute service requests….

    SO if YOU can’t sleep either, are still awake at this ungodly hour, and you get this
    CALL ME,PLEASE! 203.775.5102 😉

    I have a GOOD feeling about him!

  4. Annelizabeth Pullman says:

    Love you and Andy….heart with you day and night~

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