Find Andy Street Team

Let’s see how many posters we can get posted today! A big thank you to those already out on this cold day hitting the streets! Please read the following to see how you can help…

We have a poster to download and print.

Here are some ideas where to distribute signs:

  • Telephone poles (no STOP signs)
  • Delivery drivers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.)
  • Ask stores and gas stations to hand a sign. Restaurants, especially fast food places that have a drive-up window! Lots of traffic there.
  • Veterinary offices
  • Train Stations: put flyers on the cars parked there. Greens Farms has 466 spots, Southport has maybe 200, and Westport has 1,200!
  • Neighbors mail boxes and walk door-to-door
  • Hand posters to dog walkers or anyone you see walking or working outside
  • Tape a poster to your car window.

Don’t forget to mention to people that Andy is friendly but scared so don’t chase him and to call 781-264-5243 immediately, has been lost since 12/31/2011 and there is a $1000 reward!

Any suggestions or ideas where to distribute signs please comment below and we’ll add it to the list. Thanks everyone!


3 Comments on “Find Andy Street Team”

  1. Di Hamelin says:

    Tape fliers to your car windows: that way, you are a rolling, mobile advertisement for your lost dog. Sending prayers for Andy. I hope you find him: safe and soon!

  2. Fun Bobby says:

    I understand that Andy has been sighted in the Cranburry section of Norwalk where my children & I live. We have been keeping all eyes open looking for him! We hope & pray that Andy is found and back home again soon!

    Good luck!!!

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